How to earn using Artificial Intelligence

Lucky Gupta
2 min readJun 25, 2023

Earning using AI involves creating engaging and informative articles that leverage the power of AI-related topics. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to earn using AI:

People earning money using AI Tools

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to earn using AI:

  1. The Platform: There is a number of platforms that gives us the opportunity to earn money by publishing articles on their sites and Medium and HubPages are one of them.
  2. Using ChatGpt: You can use this AI tool for creating an article on your desired topic and you can rewrite the article after you get some ideas and explainers on the topic and use it as your article.
  3. Using MidJourney: There is a number of tools that give us an opportunity to generate images via text, It’s a really easy method you can describe your topic in a text format and It will create an image for you. Later, You can use that image in your article.
  4. How to choose the topic: There is a number of AI tools that can help you with the topic but I will suggest you use Google Trends where you can see which topic is currently trending or people talking about them right now, So you can create an article on that.
  5. How to Earn: After choosing your topic generated your article and image using AI Tools and publish it on the website. After publishing you just have to wait for your time. The platforms will give you money according to the reach and visitors.

Remember, earning using Artificial Intelligence requires skillful integration of the model’s capabilities into your articles while providing unique value through your expertise and insights. Strive to create engaging, informative content that resonates with your audience, and continue refining your approach based on user feedback and performance analytics.



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