It is a person who shows interest in buying your product through buying signals. A hot lead is a direct inquiry from a prospect. These are the best types of leads — they are highly interested in your product and need it, have a budget and probably are ready to buy. If they are actively seeking a solution to their pain point that your product can solve it’s the best case. Hot leads tend to be closest to the buying stage of the sales cycle.

It is not very often to see people consider the efficacy of leads classification in business and online marketing. The concept of getting leads classified is not all about fulfilling a routine arrangement, but a means of maximizing the benefits such leads offer.

Hot leads are otherwise known as qualified leads. They are the best category of leads because they are the people who are most likely to patronize you.

Such patronage may not be on the go, but they happen to need your product and have an interest in patronizing you. They may also appear to be linked to prospective contacts such as their friends and family that will later require your product or service.

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