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Lucky Gupta

Where was I? Does I’m dead? Did I Exist? Did I quit?

I know there are many people who know me and worried about me or thinking about me where was I, or Where did I disappear?

I’ve been busy in my life and there’s nothing special or a real reason that I can share with you, I’m not giving any excuse here.

And for those who don’t know me,

Hey there! my name is Lucky Gupta and if I talk about my profession then I’m a Digital Marketer and I love to write, I have written books, contents, ads and many.

If we talk about another…

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तेरी हर एक गलती को नज़र अंदाज़ करता हूँ,

दोस्त हु न इसीलिये दोस्ती का लिहाज़ करता हूँ।

©Lucky Gupta

No matters how much my love loves me,

I always love you more.

©Lucky Gupta

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The day I wanna thank all the people in my life who always taught me, inspires me so I can improve and do better.

Picture of Teacher’s Day 2020

Where you can understand the whole situation of this year.

Credit: Kooky Infomedia

Teacher’s Day by Kooky Infomedia
Teacher’s Day by Kooky Infomedia
Happy Teacher’s Day

By Lucky Gupta | Write a review on Goodreads

If you’re a writer you, it’s 90% chances that ever you wrote a quote, and if you’re not then you’ll agree with me that 99% chances that you ever use a quote. This book is mention from where my journey starts as a writer.​

I mentioned one hundred quotes written by me, I started writing quotes in my 8th standard, and now I become a writer and writing books that are how your journey start all you have to follow your passion.​

In this hope, you will find my quotes helpful and hope sometime you can relate with them if…

By Lucky Gupta | Write a review on Goodreads

If you’re a business or person, you’ll always try to save your money, and a business development investment is not very affordable price that anyone can afford, So in this book, I cover some useful topics related to business development and I’m sure all are affordable to a normal person and a rich one because in this book tips mention by me is not required money to build the business.

I’m sure since you finished this book you’ll able to find your business presence all over the internet, the chances of your business existence will be increased by 99.99%


Lucky Gupta

Lucky Gupta is an Internet Celebrity, He is 22 years old, he born on 28 Dec. A.K.A's biggest influencer from Jodhpur.

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